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South Africa is increasingly looking toward entrepreneurship as a way to address widespread unemployment. Unfortunately, many of the businesses that get off the ground don’t survive beyond their formative years; furthermore those that do succeed in getting through the early years seldom grow into large world class organizations. If entrepreneurship is to make the impact that we’d like on the economy, we need to move beyond current thinking and acknowledge the need for a more globally competitive breed of entrepreneurs, able to take advantage of the ever decreasing barriers to entry in old industries and play a role in the creation of new ones. ...




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  Traction Bus Gauteng ends with Kitchen Manager as the winners, Next destination is the Western Cape. The first ever Traction ...
Kitchen Manager proves it has Traction
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Does your business/startup have enough Traction to get you a seat on the TractionBus? TractionBus is a mobile start-up pitching competition...
Applications for TractionBus Gauteng now open,
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