Edge Of ZeroTo1:

Purpose: To help founder test and validate their ideas against potential market opportunity.

Format: 5 Day intense boot camp followed by four weeks of mentorship sessions. On the final day entrepreneurs are given an opportunity to pitch for funding, access into incubation or having a personal mentor.

Timing: This programme is hosted twice a year.

Suitable for: Idea/ Concept phase.

Programme outline
  • -Who are you?
  • -What is your idea? The need/pain you are solving?
  • -How do you expect to make money? Business model.
  • -Legal and compliance.
  • -Business Plan and Business canvas.
  • -Pitching and selling. How to sell to everyone.
  • -The entrepreneurship struggle.
  • -Got the Edge; Pitch for Investment or access to resources.

Direct programme benefits

  • Business Foundation skills.
  • Personal evaluation.
  • Peer mentorship.


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Traction Bus is a mobile start-up pitching competition for African start-ups. We will select 25 entrepreneurs from a pool of applicants who will compete on the 18 November for one of 5 seats on the Traction Bus, the bus will be visiting hubs in Guateng to expose founders to the start up ecosystem

Purpose: Creating links between the start up ecosystem participants while helping start up founders have access to funding and launch into the market.

Format: An elimination pitching competition.

Timing: City dependent

Suitable for: Existing start up


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StartUp Edge: Campus Chapters

With the fast-growing interest in entrepreneurship within the South African youth, the StartUp Edge Campus Chapters provide a platform for the next African Mark Zuckerberg or Drew Houston to be able to launch their entrepreneurial journey.